​​​​​​Angels on Earth Pet Care

  Rachel, Sam and Syd, Monterey, CA

Fritz and Star, Carmel, CA

"​​​​If you stared deep into a cat's

eyes, you would be able to see

into the world of spirits."

                                  --English Proverb          

Igmula, Carmel Highlands, CA

​additional care

Safe Transportation

Delivery of food and


Administer Medications

Subcutaneous Fluids


Winston, Pacific Grove, CA

Rachel and Finnegan, Seaside, CA

Duffy, Carmel Valley, CA


Felines are special and I understand just how much you want your cat to feel loved and safe at home while you are away.


​spirit touch therapies


Massage Therapy

ASH Energy Work

Flower/Gem Essence Treatment

Essential Oil Treatment

Craniosacral Treatment

Acupressure Treatment

Circle of Life Ceremony

The Listening Circle


Canines are loyal friends.

​​​​​With me they'll be treated like royalty every time I see them; whether it's a day-time visit, an overnight stay or a walk. 

Your pet is family

Here at Angels on Earth Pet Care I believe that your pet is family and I treat them like they are my own.

If you are anything like me, you have an incredible connection with your dogs and cats. In addition to pet sitting, I offer alternative therapies such as massage and Reiki as well as many other services.

One of the highlights of my specialized services is Elder Care for your dogs and cats.

That's why I started Angels on Earth Pet Care, which is so much more than pet sitting, to give clients exceptional options of care for their beloved angels on earth, not available from most pet care providers. 

So much more than pet sitting...