Miss Lucky, Pebble Beach, CA

Angels on Earth Pet Care came as a vision

to take a new direction in my career to help and care for animals. I have loved animals

all my life and have been blessed to have many experiences with them -- my own

dogs and cats, veterinary hospitals, rescue organizations and shelters. I have been privileged to work with wildlife. In particular,

I cherish the time I spent working with wolves. 

Animals are Master Teachers for us -- unconditional love, loyalty, play, humor, protection, living in the moment and compassion -- just a beautiful energy and presence.

I found myself in a challenging life situation. Both my home and job changed. Family and friends gathered, surrounding me with love

and support. They, too, are my teachers, showering me with empathy, resources, kindness, positive thinking and a belief in

me when I introduced them to the idea of Angels on Earth Pet Care.

It is with a grateful heart I acknowledge these Angels:

Angel Ray of Light          Lady Fiona

Heyoka                           Maggie

Igmula                            Ma Petite Amie

Kola                                Wanagi

Lulu, Carmel, CA


Pat & Roy Fellows and family

Ikie & Chanda Jones and family

Ismana Carney

Amy Anderson

Shelia Baldridge

Birgit Ball-Eisner

Karen Bird

Jane & Walter Blessey

Geri Burchard

Holly Brown

Stuart Brown

John Carney

Brenda Chinn

Jennifer Commander

Frank Dahlor

Carolyn Darrow

Greg Darvin

Marilyn Greenberg

Tamara Goode

Judy Hammond

Diane Hardy  

John Hewitt

Vanessa Hill

Megan Hohler

Oona Hull L.A.c.

Meg Johnson

Peggy Jones

Kathee Littrell

Rosann & Ron Lynch

Dave Lyon

Danielle Martin

Rose Merrill

Cece McCoy - Website Goddess

Alicia & Paul Nasrallah

Mark Orrish

Marie O'Connor

Claire Parrish D.C.

Gina Puccinelli

Kerri Ramirez

Diane Russell

Moa, Pacific Grove, CA

Angel Ray with the Angelmobile

Yvette Sanchez

Elizabeth Smith

Kay Smith

Sharon Snyder

George Somero

Tom Starkey

Dan Taylor

Patty Tipton

Daniela Weiner

Bobby White

Jennifer Whittle

The Williams Family

Auntie Suzy Wright

Anthony Zocalli

​Mid-Valley Pet Spa - Jessica Paquelier

Stone's Pet Shop - Tom & Louise Radcliffe

   and staff - Adriane, Miranda, Sage and Terri

The Raw Connection - Sarah Adams

Diane Magee, DVM

Lynda Wells, DVM

Motiv K9 Fitness - Becky Lewis RVT, CCRP

​​​​​​Angels on Earth Pet Care

​"Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have

an obligation and responsibility to preserve

and nurture and care for all life."

                                       --James Cromwell

Heyoka, Carmel Highlands, CA

There are not enough words to express my gratitude to Cece McCoy.  She immediately offered her professional skills to Angels on Earth Pet Care and began to design this beautiful website. Many hours have been spent to make this possible. There has been an abundance of creativity, attention to detail, laughter, coffee, chocolate and enlightened supervision by her two Scottish Folds, Winston and Kenzie (left). Thank you, Cece, from my heart, you are amazing.

                                                                                                                            -- Rachel Ray