Prince Greenberg 12-1/2 years

Prince was a handsome and regal black German Shepard that took you breath

away at the sight of him. With an amazing personality, he had a way of looking at

you that spoke volumes. He loved his massages and his special rituals at bedtime with his beloved Marilyn. I had

the fortunate experience to escort him

to his appointments to Dr. Lynda Wells

in Soquel for acupuncture and Becky Lewis

in Salinas at Motiv K-9 Fitness for his swimming and laser treatments. 

Daisy Hammond 19 years

Shy at first, it didn't take Daisy long at

all to respond to my gentle way before

her treatments. Judy, her devoted owner, requested I be with them when it was

time for her departure and I performed the Circle of Life Ceremony for sweet Daisy.

Finnegan Whittle/Zocalli 14-1/2 years

I met Finnegan at Motiv K-9 Fitness in

Salinas. He stood out because he was

the largest chocolate Lab I'd ever seen,

but yet so gentle! He seemed a little

restless and I asked Becky Lewis if his

owners would mind if I gave him a little

Reiki. Not too long after that I received a

call from Finnegan's devoted owners,

Anthony and Jennifer, to take care of their

Lab! He loved road trips, massage, essential

oil treatments and Reiki.

Buster Commander 7 years

Buster was a uniquecat, a bob cat mix. He loved to sleep in his heated bed. When I

stayed the night with him, he would curl up

on my lap and watch TV with me. Jen and Greg were devoted to him.

It is always difficult to lose a beloved pet.

Maggie Ray 16 years

Miss Maggie, a beautiful Golden Retriever, came to live with me after her dear owner, Ellie, passed away. She captivated all who knew her. We had great adventures together and she even got to live with wolves and bears right outside our door at Indigo Mountain Nature Center in Colorado. Maggie was one

of my best companions.

Lady Fiona Ray 12 years 

Lady Fiona, a Golden Doodle, was a rescue from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco. She was a wise old soul while still mischievous and loving. Fiona was with me

just over two years, yet her presence and energy was so strong that I felt we had been together much longer.

Igmula Ray 19 years

Igmula was a kitten I got from a family friend. She was part Siamese and had a shy personality and a unique meow.  Igmula loved to sleep right next to me and especially liked

to chew on my hair! She was always accepting of our lifestyle and the new dog and cat companions that joined our family.

Lucy Fellows 10 years

Lucy was a beautiful Golden Retriever mix who loved to run around in circles in the backyard. She was also great at playing hide-n-seek with he caring owners, Pat and Roy. Lucy loved to watch westerns with Roy and would bark at the horses! She is greatly missed.

"The golden moments in the stream

of  life rush past us, and we see

nothing but sand; the angels come

to visit us, and we only know

them when they are gone."

                                     --George Eliot​

Sacred white sage and sweetgrass

Buster Commander

Our lives are changed when their physical presence is no longer with us. They work their way into our hearts in just an instant and remain there until our last heartbeat.

When it is their time to leave us, we honor our special relationship with tears of grief and soothing stories of the time spent together and photographs.  Although family and friends are supportive, no one really understands the bond of love shared between a beloved pet and their owner. No one knows us better than they.

I have been privileged to know many pets through the years -- my own as well as family, friends and clients.  Each is unique, truly an individual companion and friend that moves

too quickly through our lives.

I devote this page to some very best friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and

are now shining stars.

​​​​​​Angels on Earth Pet Care

Maggie Ray