​​​​​​Angels on Earth Pet Care

​​Elder Care

Angels on Earth Pet Care prides itself on

taking care of elder pets. Many times our busy lifestyle does not allow us to be in tune with them. As our beloved companions age, touch and compassion are important to their overall well-being. I offer a variety of modalities that may help your pet in their daily lives to be more comfortable in body, mind and spirit.

Additional Care


The "Angelmobile" van is available to transport your pet to veterinary or specialized therapy appointments. It is equipped with appropriate comforts for a stress-free ride.


Following the protocol and direction of your veterinarian, medications and subcutaneous fluids are given in a professional, compassionate and kind way.


Following protocols given by veterinarians and trained firefighters, this possible life-saving technique may be used in an emergency situation.

Finnegan's daily elder care included medications,

special diet, subcutaneous fluids, massage, Reiki, essential oil treatments plus going to his favorite

beach spot in the Angelmobile.

Syd swimming at Motiv K-9 Fitness.


Rebalancing the body from the cranium to the sacrum may help the body to restore itself through the cerebral spinal fluid.

Another Japanese modality, acupressure has been used for thousands of years. Accessing meridian points (energy pathways), a practitioner applies pressure to these points to help promote healing.


Using indigenous teachings, the ceremony is provided to help the Spirit of your beloved pet to be released from the physical body at the time of transition.

This beautiful ritual brings peace to your best friend and comfort for you. 


Providing age-old wisdom, a one-on-one or group session helps owners of departed pets work through their grieving process.


"Until one has loved an animal

a part of one's soul

remains unawakened." 

​​                                  --Anatole France

Bodhi, Sam and Angel Ray at Asilomar Beach, CA

Finnegan, Monterey, CA

Betsy and Bobby, Carmel Highlands, CA

Rachel provided safe transportation for Prince to Motiv K-9 Fitness in Salinas for swimming and laser therapies.

​​  Roman, Pacific Grove, CA

​Web, Carmel Valley, CA

Spirit Touch Therapies


A Japanese energy healing system. Reiki works with the body, mind and spirit. Reiki

can be used as a hands-on or remote treatment. Usually four sessions set close together provide the best results.


Using a variety of techniques, massage may help improve circulation, increase range of motion, provide relaxation, bring relief from muscle stiffness and other discomforts. It may also help with behavioral issues and emotional healing.


Accelerated Spaces Healing - Laser focused prayer which has been in use before any other therapy practices came to be. May be used

in-person or from a distance.


Using the knowledge of plants, flower and gemstones through their vibrational energies

is a very non-invasive form of healing. Essences are used to help the mind, body

and spiritual well being and formulated specifically for your pets' needs.  


Essential oils may be used directly on the body, as a spray or diffused into a room. They work with the limbic system of the body (which oversees the behavior, long-term memory and the sense of smell) to provide possible healing.